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// April 13th, 2007 // Blog

Two hours of my typical weekday is spent on traveling, mostly on the Tube. Sometimes i read, sometimes i listen, sometimes i sleep, and sometimes i just end up day-dreaming.

People-watching can also be a fun, but risky, Tube activity. Usually, I keep my eyes down; first, in an effort to 'lower my gaze', second, to avoid making direct eye contact with the various weirdos who always seem to sit near me, and third, 'cos staring at my fellow commuters makes me look like one of them weirdos, i just mentioned. However, on rare occasions, someone will catch my eye and i'll end up momentarily transfixed, while my mind tries to figure them out.

This happened a couple of mornings ago, when a lady, most likely in her fifties, sat down opposite to me on the Central line. Smartly dressed, and well coiffed, she sat poised with a straight back, arms neatly positioned, clasping onto her (no doubt designer) white handbag. She reminded me of a friend's mother, who happens to be Polish, so i assumed that she was of a similar geographic origin. What struck me most about her though, were her eyes. They were so beautiful, māshā’Allāh. The colour, the shape, everything. Her cheekbones were also quite well-defined, which only added to her charm. At first, i thought she may have paid a recent visit to the 'chop shop', but the wrinkles around her mouth made me take that back. I mean, why would someone has a face-lift, and not have those removed? Moving on…

I began to imagine what she may have looked like in her youth. In my mind, i saw a black and white photograph, with her stunning visage framed in soft-focus, eyes shining forth like bright stars in the night sky.

I saw her in the 'present day', flicking through old photo albums, with her grandchild sitting on her lap, innocently asking, “Who's that pretty lady, granma?”.
“That's me, dear”, she responds, with a coy smile, “a long time ago, now.”

I wonder if i'll ever experience such a moment of positive reminiscence? It seems superficial, but i often scold myself for not being in better shape, with the thought, “For goodness sakes, you're in the prime of your youth, and look at you! What are you going to be proud about in forty years time? That you once looked like this? Right, that's it! No more Thorntons for you, young lady!”.

I know, i know… it's silly. Looks aren't everything… beauty is more than skin deep, whilst also being in the eye of the beholder – blah blah blah.

I suppose, if i ever really get desperate, there's always make-up – or Photoshop.

اللَهُمّ اَنْتَ حَسَّنْتَ خَلْقِى فحسِّنْ خُلُقِى وَحرِّمْ وجْهىِ عَلى النَّار ، الحمْدُ لِلّهِ الِّذِى سَوَّى خَلْقى فَعَدَلهُ ، وَكَرَّمَ صُرَةَ وجْهى فاَحْسنهاَ وَجعَلنِى مِنَ الْمسلِمين

O Allāh! You made my physical constitution good so make my disposition good too and keep my face safe from the Hell-fire. Praise be to Allāh Who fashioned and made me proportionate, and honoured my face and made me of the Muslims.

[ibn Hibban, at-Tabarani]

4 Responses to “Future Reminiscence”

  1. Sumera says:

    I often think the same when I see these old women who look so graceful and sophisticated in their old age. I wonder what they looked like when younger, how thick and glossy their hair must’ve been.

    Then I begin to wonder what sort of life they must’ve led. Husband? Children? Born and bred Scot or globetrotter?

    And then panic at how frumpy I am! All people probably wonder when they see me is “why is she so moody?” :p

  2. safiya says:

    “No more Thortons for you”

    I know that feeling very very well, *sigh*.

  3. Hmm I don’t know what Thortons are, never mind. But I would really, really love to be in good health if Allah wills for me to live to an old age, so that I don’t need anyone to help me walk around, eat, etc. I’ve seen some old people in very good shape, mashaAllah, whenever I see these people, I make a silent duaa that if I live to be that old, I be the same.

  4. iMuslim says:

    Salaams all

    Sumera: I’m glad i’m not the only one who has such thoughts! However, i wouldn’t call myself frumpy though; I smile too much. Probably come across as a little crazy actually…

    Safiya: I know! Why do they make their chocs so darned yummy?!

    Unique: You’d know what Thorntons was, if you had clicked on the link, i so generously provided. ;)
    Two hadith on the subject of health, off the top of my head: one is where Rasoolallah (sallalahu ‘alayhi wa salam) sought refuge in Allah from the weaknesses of old age, and the second, where he (sallalahu ‘alayhi wa salam) said good health was one of the best things to ask Allah for. So you are on the right track with your duas, sis. :)

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