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Just another WordPress convert…

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Protected: Should i be flattered?

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Ali on Islam Channel

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Brother Ali of Ummah Films will be on the Islam Channel tonight, on the Saturday Night Live show. I think it airs at 9.30pm GMT, but i can't verify that, as the schedule page is not loading in my browser!

If you're not in the UK, or do not have access to cable/ satellite, you can watch the show online at the Islam Channel website.

Only problem for me is that, 1) my digital TV service does not include Islam Channel & 2) i don't have broadband to watch online. *sniffle*

Could someone be a doll and upload the show to YouTube so i can watch it later? I have no idea how one does this, but i'm sure someone out there does. Jazakallah, in advance!

An Evening With Ali

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A.k.a, An Evening of Belly Laughs

So, i went to the Ummah Films event, hosted by Imperial College ISoc, tonight. It was Fan-tas-tic. I haven't laughed so hard in such a long time. If laughter is the best medicine, i'm one healthy lady! The ISoc did such a great job, māshā’Allāh; it was a very professionally organised event.


Lessons from Star Wars

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Last night, i had the pleasure of finally catching the last episode (chronologically-speaking) of the infamous Star Wars saga, Revenge of the Sith. Being a prequel, i knew what to expect from the story line, but it was still worth the watch, just to see how things end up the way they do. The funny thing was, deep down, i still yearned for a 'happy' ending, where Anakin Skywalker somehow altered his fate to become Lord Vader, by giving two fingers to the 'dark side' – but alas, it was not to be.

I noticed that this episode registered especially high on the morality-meter, and had a lot to say about politics, relationships and life, in general. Although I am not really a Star Wars enthusiast, my efforts to explain some of the more intriguing lessons i weaned from the film has lead to my essay becoming too long to be read in one sitting. So, in typical George Lucas-style, i have split it into three parts, which i will post over the next few days. I am also issuing a spoiler warning, as i talk about various subplots in detail.


Muslim Consumer Survey

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I was sent a request by the 1990 Trust to take part in a Muslim consumer survey. Below is the text from the e-mail. Although it specifically mentions the UK, i reckon the PoV of Muslims living as minorities in other Western countries (i.e., all you Canadians & Americans lurking out there) would be just as valid, inshā’Allāh. You don't need to give your name or age to take part.


Muslim Guy Shortage

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UPDATE, 15/03/2007:
Tonight's show is titled: Muslim Guy Shortage: Part II. Same time, same place.

When i saw this poster, i just HAD to advertise the show!

I've noticed in our Muslim communities that there are plenty of single, religious, educated, Muslim sisters, yet there is a great lack of like-minded brothers available for marriage. Thus, we have sisters in their late 20's and 30's who desire to get married but cannot find a suitable prospective.


Stay Out Of My Facebook!

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As a continuation of my recent entry on Facebook, i thought i would highlight this news story, which relates how information revealed via social networking sites, including blogs, can be used to commit identity fraud.

Based on this, i would suggest that bloggers avoid using their real names (at least, your full name), and remove other important details such as your age, DOB (this includes Zodiac sign), exact location, mother's maiden name and anything else which may be used to forge your identity.

This site also explains how personal details stored on Facebook may be used by third parties for dubious purposes. Thanks go to Faraz, for the heads up.