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In the last month, i've received a number of invites from various folk, ranging from my distant to not-too-distant past, to be “friends” on FaceBook. I'd heard of this site before, but never felt any need to register. Even though it took me a while to recall who a couple of the people “inviting” me were, and even though i have no idea what this site is for, and even though i doubt i'll ever meet or talk to many of these people again, i accepted their invites, mainly because i'm too nice to say no!

So now what? These people are on my “friends” list (perhaps i shouldn't use quotation marks, as at least two of them were/ are close friends), and i can now see their friends (though i can't read their profiles), and they can most likely see me (but i have a question mark for a face)… i'm not sure what else can or should be done.

I am not made for social networking.

Btw, none of these people are Muslim, which is understandable, as i didn't have many Muslim friends growing up, apart from cousins and such. Only two of them know that i now wear the hijab, and am 'practising'… maybe i should upload a photo of myself avec voile? [I had to ask my French colleague for the translation of the word, 'headscarf'.] Do you think that would be drawing attention to myself, unnecessarily? Do you think i need to make such a statement?

I've been on Friends Reunited for a few years now. It is a site where you can look up your old friends from school, college, uni, the workplace, etc, etc. Registration is free, but you have to pay for the privilege of contacting anyone. You can detail some information about yourself for free though, and through this i have discovered that some school mates are now married, and some even have babies. Many are actually in London, not that i've ever bumped into anyone. It is sometimes scary to think of just how well populated London is, that the chances of a surprise reunion is quite remote.

Does anyone else use FaceBook or similar networking sites? Do you find them useful? How 'Muslim-friendly' are they?

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  1. Princessa says:

    I’m quite reluctant to use these services. It’s probably because you have to share all types of information about yourself to these people, and I like my privacy on the world wide web. I was on hi5 for 2 days a few years back, just to see how it worked. People just add you because you have similiar interests, but I feel like it’s a waste of time. The highlights of these places are the photos, it’s like an egomaniac kinda service, where everyone wants to show off themselves so they can be famous in some sort of way to those who are on their friends list.
    I find blogging easier and much more productive.

    But hey, some people meet some good people on these sights. And it could be useful if they help each other in their similar interests.

    But I’m not for it. Been there, done that, didn’t buy the tshirt since I didn’t like it!

  2. iMuslim says:

    Assalamu ‘alaykum Princessa

    Jazakallah for popping by.

    The highlights of these places are the photos, it’s like an egomaniac kinda service, where everyone wants to show off themselves so they can be famous in some sort of way to those who are on their friends list.

    Subhanallah, that’s a really funny, yet accurate description!

    I was looking through FaceBook tonight, and came across the profile of some old classmates, that i haven’t seen since i left college at 18. It was a bit freaky actually, to see some of these people “posing”. However, it was also nice to see what they looked like now.

    I contemplated putting my photo up, just to give people a shock (not that i think they’ll care; i was never really very popular!), but the intentions are not correct, and the permissibility is “iffy”, at best. Ah well… who wants to see my ugly mug, anyway?! haha

    Take care sis,


  3. Princessa says:

    Wa alaykum al salam sister, wa iyyaki it’s been a pleasure looking around your blog. it’s best not to put your pic up on the net, there are weird people out there. One friend put her pic up and later found a guy in her class displaying her pic on his mobile as his screen saver :/ *Shudders* Better to be safe than sorry I guess.
    Take care sis and I’m sure you’re beautiful just like your personality/soul.

  4. iMuslim says:

    One friend put her pic up and later found a guy in her class displaying her pic on his mobile as his screen saver :/ *Shudders*

    Well, that’s a little too freaky! Psycho-much?

    I’m sure you’re beautiful just like your personality/soul.

    Aww, you’re such a sweetheart, mashallah. I’d hope to be a little better looking than that actually; i think my soul needs a make-over! hehe


  5. AnonyMouse says:

    As-salaamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatu,

    Well, I haven’t heard of Facebook, although I do know of MySpace. Myself, I don’t trust those things – I’ve heard/read waaaaaaaay to many horror stories about them!!!

    I like blogging… we have our own little community in the blogosphere, and we actually discuss matters of import (well, most of the time! :P)… and I think we have a lower rate of people pretending to be who they’re not!

  6. Faraz says:

    I haven’t cross-referenced the information here with my own research, but this link was sent to a mailing list I am part of recently:

    I’ve never gotten into Facebook, thankfully.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I think facebook is excellent. If you want privacy, just make sure you dont add yourself to a network, so then only your accepted friends can see your profile.

    The reason why I find it good is you can find friends easily, and also there are some nice groups such as ummah films!

    Overall I think it’s very good, just add your own friends, and then it’s good.

  8. organicmuslimah says:

    I admit, I broke down last semester and started a facebook account. I loathe myspace/hi 5 sites. I started facebook mainly to keep in touch with classmates. We exchange assignments, thoughts and photos.

    The cool thing about facebook you can hype the security to where only your friends see you. And if you have male friends on your listing, you can put them on your “limited profile list.” And you control what your friends on the limited list can view.

    That is the only place I would post pictures of myself–and my blog of course!

    (I posted a picture of myself when I graduated last year from my old college and quickly took it down).

  9. iMuslim says:

    I’ve deleted my a/c now… it just felt a little superficial to be ‘friends’ with people who i haven’t met or talked to in years. I was just too nice to say “no” to their friends requests! I’m a big softy, really.

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