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// January 12th, 2007 // Blog

I wanted to talk about the situation in Somalia, but i don't know enough.

I wanted to talk about Bush and his speech on the Iraq war, but i don't know enough.

I wanted to talk about the latest findings in dark matter research, but i couldn't gain access to the Nature article; oh, and i don't know enough.

Others may be OK with talking about things they don't know enough about, but i'm not. One, i believe it to be a sign of arrogance: i have a voice; i have an opinion; i am important; thus my opinion is important; so it must be expressed, even if i speak absolute trash. [Btw, is it grammatically correct to use so many semi-colons in one sentence? Grammar; another thing i don't know enough about.]
Also, i do not wish to look a fool, which is all too easy for me.
In addition, there are so many people talking about these same subjects (perhaps, not so for dark matter), what would be the point of me adding my half-baked opinion to the pile?

So – what to talk about?

Well, there is one event i've been wanting to discuss, but i think i will leave it for the weekend, as i'm not sure whether it is going ahead or not.

Anything else?

Hmm, well, there was. I just spent one hour typing out an entry, until i realised i was boring MYSELF. Oh dear. So that has gone the way of the trash can.

I give up. It's three in the morning, why aren't i asleep?


4 Responses to “Blah”

  1. AnonyMouse says:

    As-salaamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatu,

    Heh, I know exactly how you feel… it’s how I feel right now, too! There’s too much going on in the world that I want to talk about but can’t because I have no knowledge about it… and anyway, even if I *did* know more about it, would it be necessary for me to speak?

    Right now I just feel spaced out… so I haven’t much else to say, either… *Wanders off staring into space*

  2. Lucyp says:

    Not knowing enough does not mean you cannot have an opinion on things. It all depends how you present it.

  3. iMuslim says:

    I tend to formulate opinions once i have a deeper knowledge of the facts, at least when it comes to politics. It’s easy to become emotional and side with one party just because you think they’re right, but how do you know for sure?

    I know what you’re saying Lucy, but i don’t think i can pull it off. Anyway, how do you know what it’s like for folks like me? Your blog is evidence enough for your knowledge of world affairs!

    I suppose if you have a large enough, and broad enough readership, then you could raise topics that you may not have a great awareness about, simply to encourage discussion and test your opinion. You might find yourself changing your mind at the end of it. That is what seemed to happen with the entry you wrote on Iran’s president & the Holocaust convention, where someone accused him of anti-semitism, but this was refuted by DP. A very interesting conversation to read!

  4. Daniel says:

    I’m a believer in inductive reasoning, Z….. As well, I think we get too caught up in the notion that we have to have a PhD is a subject area before we are entitled to speak about it.

    So many folk know a lot about very little (some know little about little) but I think that disqualifies them from entering discussions that require broad knowledge.

    I suppost that was the idea of an Arts education where one learned something about a lot of things. That’s the road I went down and I loved it. I did lots of ‘…ologies.’ It has stood me in good stead. Cheers!

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