I’m baaaaack…

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// November 26th, 2006 // Blog

…and feeling much better after my little break. I know i said a few days, but i can't stay away that long!

I definitely needed a time out though. I'm the kind of person who can become quite obsessed with novel experiences, and i found that blogging and online discourse in general can be quite exhausting if you get carried away. I'm also quite a sensitive individual who is not used to dealing with aggression or harsh criticism and thus i usually avoid situations that can lead to confrontation – at least in the real world. Here on the internet however, like many others I naturally become more confident in expressing my ideas due to the anonymity and the fact that confrontation is much less likely to become physical! However, i have found that i am just as easily affected by reading other people's points of view as i am by hearing them. This phenomenon has obvious advantages and disadvantages, but i don't need to explain this to an online audience who have no doubt shared the experience.

Let's just say some recent comments got to me and i just needed to switch off the computer as well as my brain (well, the part used for blog-related activity anyway) and chill. I appreciate all forms of feedback as one can only remain open-minded and approachable upon hearing different points of view – even those that one completely disagrees with. I draw the line at comments that are rude and offensive, but even these clouds have a silver lining – at the least, my skin may become a little thicker.

You can tell that i'm trying hard not to join the ranks of the hopeless cynics!

Anyway, i have another more interesting entry planned which will be posted shortly. I still need to write it so please check back later. I will also moderate any comments after this – i made sure not check my comment notification emails all day yesterday to avoid getting sucked back into the endless cycle of debate. A bit sad of me i'll admit, but i will get better with time inshā’Allāh.


P.S., Some discerning readers may have noticed some small changes in my header image. No, you're not going crazy – i'm just a perfectionist, especially when it comes to design. So expect a few more nips and tucks, or maybe even a complete change – i get bored quickly!

2 Responses to “I’m baaaaack…”

  1. Lucyp says:

    Welcome back and welcome to the World of blogging.
    It can be hard when someone criticises your point of view, especially if you are not used to it because in the real world we tend to fulfil the proverb about birds of a feather flocking together.
    On blogs we put out our opinions for discussion and debate and unless you develp a thicker skin, you will go the same way as a good few bloggers i have met who either stopped blogging or created their own little world where only people of the same opinion can comment, and that defeats the purpose of a blog.
    Personally, i prefer not to have comment moderation because i like the cut and thrust of debate with those of a difference of opinion and sometimes something will crop up that i hadn’t thought of that will alter my perspective.
    I hope you will continue and grow into blogging.
    Don’t think of it as confrontation, think of it as a chance to make your view known and then back it up against people who don’t agree. There will always be people who disagree for the sake of it, once you know who they are you can ignore there comments as irrelevant.
    Best of luck and hang in there girl, it gets easier.

  2. iMuslim says:

    Hi Lucy,

    Thanks for the support and advice.

    You’re right, we tend to hang out with like-minded people – mostly for some peace! I would say colleagues don’t fall into that category, but once again no-one really wants to rock the boat at work because we have to see each-other everyday.

    I have disabled comment moderation because it’s a waste of time. I was only doing it to protect myself but i have to read the comments in order to moderate them so in the end there’s no real difference for me! D’oh!

    I’m currently culturing up some keratinocytes in the lab and will be applying a fresh coat daily! hehe


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